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Tired of doing mental math to navigate public transportation services in Lubbock, Texas? Don't want to coordinate with a friend to get your car home from the airport? If you've got enough stress in your life as it is, let West Texas Cab handle your transportation logistics.

Taxi Cab Service Lubbock TX

Why you should choose a cab over a ride-sharing service

How does West Texas Cab compare to the popular ride-sharing services? When you choose the premier taxi cab service of Lubbock, TX...

  • You know what you're getting: When you use a ride-sharing service, you never know what kind of car you'll be getting into. With West Texas Cab, you can depend on a safe, clean ride, every time.
  • Your rate won't fluctuate: Count on a $3 flag drop fee, $0.60 per minute wait time plus $2 per mile in-city and $2.50 anywhere else.
  • You're protected by regulations: While lawmakers struggle to keep up with ride-sharing operations, taxi cab services are held to the same high standard as always.

We make transportation services simple. Call 806-559-9900 today to arrange for a taxi cab service near you.

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